Prepare yourself

prepare ourselves 

The visionary Mirjana urged people to prepare for the beginning of the secrets, preparation means conversion: “The Holy Virgin told me that it is necessary to pray a lot. But beyond that, it is necessary to make sacrifices as much as possible, to help others as much as is within our ability, and to fast, you said we are obliged to prepare ourselves.”
“She not only asks but begs everyone to convert, to pray, to fast. Those who do not believe have no idea what awaits them, and that is why, as their Mother, she is in deep anguish for them,” Mirjana said, referring to people who do not believe, and thus live their lives without God.
“It is not enough to simply pray. It is not enough to simply and quickly say a few prayers so that you can say that you have prayed and done your duty. What she wants from us is to pray from the depths of our soul, it is dialogue with God. This is her message”
(Interview October 26, 1985).

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