Pope in Trieste: Catholics called to heal ‘wounded heart’ of democracy

Pope Francis delivers the concluding address of the 50th Italian Catholic Social Week in Trieste, and calls on the Church to help correct the crisis of democracy through participation and political charity.

Dear friends, we are going through one of the most dramatic moments in the history of salvation, foretold by the Word of God, by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, by the Marian prophecies and by numerous mystics and saints. It is a period marked by the presence of the Mother of God, with the name of Queen of Peace, who has already supported three pontificates and who will accompany the Church in one of the most painful and glorious periods of her journey in history.
It is an epochal passage which, in the light of faith, we can well define as apocalyptic in nature, because its protagonists are the Woman dressed of the sun, crowned with twelve stars, and “the enormous red dragon”, who attempts to seize her Son from her born and to chase her in her escape into the desert. Mary’s long presence in Medjugorje must be understood within this scenario. The preparation of her army of witnesses is one of the objectives that is closest to her heart, because they will be the ones to face the imposing deployment of the prince of darkness.
The gift of Radio Maria must be placed in this perspective, which the Mother is prodigiously spreading throughout the world, so that her distant children return to God, those close to them are strengthened in their testimony and so that her words of light and consolation reach everywhere (Fr. Livio Fanzaga)