A prey for Priests

Behind every priest there is a demon fighting for his downfall. If we have a tongue to criticize them…, we must have another one doubled to pray for them.”
~ Saint Teresa of Avila

Oh Jesus, I pray for your priests,
for your faithful and ardent priests,
for your unfaithful and weak priests,
For your priests working at home and abroad in remote mission fields,
for you priests in temptation,
for your lonely and abandoned priests,
for your young priests, for your sick priests, for your dead priests,
for you retired priests
for the souls of your priests in Purgatory.
For the Pope, the bishops and all the clergy.
But above all I pray for my dearest priests.
The priest who baptized me,
Priests who heard my confessions,
The priest who first gave me your body and your blood,
Priests who taught and instructed me in the faith,
Priests whose masses I have attended and whose sermons have touched my soul,
Priests who visited me, when I was down and lifeless,
Priests who gave final obedience to my loved ones in death,
Priests who have come to me in hospital, prison, foreign countries, etc.
And for all the priests to whom I owe in any way.
Oh Jesus, hold them close to Your Heart and bless them abundantly in time and eternity.”

We must all do this and the world will change.

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